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Quality System

Quality System

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Producing the products which make the customers satisfied" is the basic quality policy of Tongzhou Haitong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
 The company adopts the advanced production organization process, process control, autonomous management and other quality management methods, which guarantees the product quality. In the production, the first outfitting and coating technology effectively ensures the outfitting and coating quality; the segmentation and technology makes altitude working become low-altitude working, makes low-altitude become ground working, to improve the operation safety and construction quality, and greatly improve the working efficiency.
The company has established the good quality control system: quality inspection department, workshop and teams. On the basis of introducing the management experience of large domestic shipbuilding enterprises, the precision management is realized gradually, the whole process of quality control is conducted in various production processes by adopting statistical techniques. The data accuracy control system of the company is determined through the information feedback and data analysis, thus to greatly improve the product quality and customer satisfaction.
The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification.
Quality System

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