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Career Development

Career Development

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1.1 Internal Recruitment
In case of a job vacancy in the company, the internal recruitment of the individual talents is preferred to make the employees of the company have the chance to give full play of individual specialty. The staff meeting the requirements of the internal recruitment can register to participate in the internal recruitment.
1.2 Competition for Posts
If there is any management or technical job vacancy in the department (or branch), the company prepares for the internal selection, and the competition of the employees for the posts in the department can be adopted.
1.3 Talent Reserve System
The company encourages all the departments and branches to implement the talent reserve system, and gives the employees more opportunity to learn and improve personal ability through selection and training for reserve talents in the unit key positions, to make the employees better design and implement the personal career planning.
1.4 Professional Skill Improvement
To encourage, support and guide the staff to improve the professional skills and the professional title (from the primary title gradually to the senior title) through the development of professional skills. The professional skills can be improved through the following ways: self development and learning, on-the-job training, in-house training and off-job training, etc. The employees can choose, based on their own needs and the actual situation of the enterprise, one or more ways to improve their professional skills.
Career Development

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