Based on virtue, both virtue and talent
Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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  Jiangsu Haitong Offshore Engineering adheres to the "people-oriented" talent development thought, pays attention to the cultivation of talents, encourages innovation, constantly cultivates talents, and seeks and plays the wit. Full of passion to work hard and do the most valuable things. The company shares the interests, value and dream with all the people to realize the common development of the employees and enterprise.
  To join Jiangsu Haitong Offshore Engineering and go with the successful personnel, you will reap success in life! The company provides an excellent development platform and large development space, and allows the employees to give full play to their ability and potential, to create work performance, and let every employee and the enterprise grow together.
  The company provides a good working environment and healthy enterprise culture for the employees, to make every employee feel cohesion and sense of belonging.
  The company provides the employees with competitive salary and benefits, to strive for win-win interests of the employees and the enterprise.
  Join Jiangsu Haitong Offshore Engineering, sincerely welcome you to join our company to create a better future.
Talent Concept

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